It Works... SCR's Rumination Tags

HR Tag wCowThousands of farmers worldwide have learned from experience that SCR's solutions can be counted on to provide critical cow status information accurately and reliably, but when an independent academic research institution confirms this - that's reason to celebrate.

So let us begin by saying that the first independent academic validation of SCR's rumination tags was recently completed and published in the December 2009 issue of the Journal of Dairy Science.

Kathrin Schirmann, of the University of British Colombia and Freie Universitat, Berlin, tested the rumination monitoring HR Tags.

The rumination activity of 27 cows was monitored using live visual observations and the HR Tag rumination collar. Data was collected during 51 two-hour recording sessions.

Experiment results prove that the HR Tag's rumination time estimates show excellent agreement with estimates gained from visual observations. Ms. Schirman concludes that the HR Tag technology provides a viable alternative to direct visual observations for research requiring estimates of rumination time.

Rumination monitoring is a critical indicator of cow wellbeing. Changes in rumination are the earliest warning signs about potential health problems. The earlier these warning signs are in the farmer's hands, the cheaper it will be to deal with the problem.

SCR's HR Tag is the only commercially available rumination monitoring device available in the market. On top of the HR Tag rumination monitoring capabilities the HR Tag provides identification functionality and the world's most accurate activity monitoring device. 

The HR Tag- it works! for you.


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