SCR Expands its Portfolio of Heatime® Systems for Dairy Cow Monitoring

SCR Heatime HR-LD System enables advanced heat detection and health monitoring in real-time, using long-distance RF data transmission

Netanya, Israel (Oct 1st, 2013)—SCR today announced the launch of the SCR Heatime® HR LD System, the most advanced cow monitoring system to date. The new system builds on the success of SCR's unique combination of rumination and activity monitoring, adding sophisticated Radio Frequency (RF) based long-range communication.

The Heatime HR LD System delivers real-time actionable information by transmitting activity and rumination data from each cow anywhere on the farm a few times every hour. The system enables real-time health monitoring and up-to-date heat detection reports regardless of milking shifts. This improves farmers' ability to act proactively to optimize the reproduction performance and health of their cows.

Real-time heat and health monitoring

With its new long-range radio communication capabilities, the Heatime HR LD System is able to cover large areas – with one antenna typically covering a range of hundreds of meters. The system also offers bidirectional communication which enables data storage in the tags, and software upgrades of the tags without the need to remove them from the cows. Advanced features to be released in the future will be easily integrated with the existing system, and will secure farmers' investment for years to come with a warranty package for up to five years.

"We developed the SCR Heatime HR LD system with RF technology to meet customers' needs for more versatility in how they manage and monitor their cows," said Yariv Avisar, CEO of SCR. "It maintains the highest accuracy and performance standards proven by more than two million SCR Heatime tags around the world, while offering long-distance communication and new capabilities for real-time cow health monitoring and heat detection. This gives farmers the information they need for true data-based decision making and the peace of mind that their cows are truly monitored 24/7."

About SCR
Building on over 35 years of meaningful innovation, SCR is the leading pioneer of Cow and Milking Intelligence. Monitoring millions of cows worldwide, our data-driven solutions are trusted by successful dairy farmers to deliver the insights and analytics needed to optimize the productivity of every cow. Improving efficiency and driving growth, we help to ensure a secure and prosperous future for their farms and families. SCR. Make every cow count.

Ornit Sade-Benkin
Global Marketing Manager
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